About Diamond Public School

Education is a social vehicle, which must march a head and be a source of new ideas. The school thus endeavors to provide the right opportunities and environment for the harmonious development of the personality of the student by giving a thorough and general education and also conserving the cultural heritage of the country.

We at Diamond Public School, have nurtured our tender saplings with love and care to create many a strong oaks. Catering to both the oriental and oceidental ideologies, our school’s value perceptions have an all pervasive influence on the holistic development of children, as mandated by CBSE. Every year the school designs new paradigms that bring highly educated, creative teachers, together with students to engage in learning activities that are interactive and customized to students interests and needs.

In essence, Diamond Public School sets forth the way for each child to develop his/her unique potential, fostering in the child the ability to become a successful citizen, soaring high in tomorrow’s world. The school emphasizes on a constructive relationship between parents and teachers as an important factor contributing to a child’s success.